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Introducing Me 2.0

February 10, 2012
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A month? It’s been a month? Well, I suppose any excuse I have is inexcusable so I won’t bother making excuses.

Well, except for a couple of excuses that I’m pretty excited to talk about:

1) This last month I’ve been putting my efforts into finishing a very special project that I’m proud to be a part of. Back in October of 2011, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with a film director and work on a new film project. I was flown to New York City and put up in a 5-star hotel (or, at least I was able to make peace with the cockroaches. Ironic that they love Twinkies; probably the main reason they could both survive a nuclear blast). I spent five 10-hour days locked away in a tiny studio somewhere in a…colorful…part of Brooklyn and only breaching for food and caffeine. During that week I was given a taste of what it’s like to write full time and help cultivate someone’s ideas and turn it into a story. Pretty damn cool.

2) Spending time collecting time to prep for taxes. Stupid, but I think some of you feel my pain.

3) Aside from excuse number 1, I’ve also been working on my novel, Jac and the City of 1,000 Worlds. I’ve spent a good deal of time doing research and fleshing out the story line. I realized putting all your thoughts down on (digital) paper really helps see the big picture. I know. Crazy.

Hm. Is that it? Anything else? Oh. Yeah. One more thing.

I’ve created a new website:

S.J. Norstrom

The focus of my new site is more of a professional approach to both my writing and, well, myself. I realized a little while back that I should probably start approaching this whole writing thing as a profession. I’ll be discussing my book along with other bits and pieces I’ve discovered within the literary world. I hope you jump on over to my new site and introduce yourself. I would love to meet my electronic neighbors and hear what everyone has to say.

I’ll still be posting here on occasion, but the majority of my efforts will now be focused in my new digital digs.

Hope to see you soon.



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