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January 3, 2012
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I’ve been given the chance of a lifetime: to stay at home with my awesome kids (which I love to do), care for the home

(which, I…do), and complete writing my novel. I have been blessed with this opportunity and I mean to not waste it. I have been slowly building towards the end goal of finishing my book, which I had given myself a completion date of June 1st. Why I picked this date wasn’t for any great reason more than it just sounded like a good day. I guess I could give a sappy answer by saying that way, I can give a test-read to my best friend on his birthday, which happens to be June 2nd. But, I will have to say the target date–and his birthday–have both been trumped for something a wee bit more important.

The new target date for completion is approximately April 25th, give or take a few days, depending on when the newest member of our family decides to arrive. My wife is 20 weeks pregnant HOORAY! and the target “drop” date will be around that time. So, as a result, my time table has been upped significantly. But all is not to fear. That still gives me 4 months in which to complete my novel. Plenty of time to finish.

I’m trying my best to not say “I hope I have time to finish”. I will have time to finish.

I’m trying to look at it in a Project Managerial way:

  • Projected length of book: ~300 pages. This translates to approximately 105,000 words.
  • Words completed: ~37,000 or about 106 pages
  • Words remaining until completion:  ~68,000
  • Remaining days (minus weekends, time with family, etc.): ~70 days
  • Average amount of words to be written each day: ~970. This translates to approximately 3 pages per day.
  • Amount of words written in this post which could have been used to write my book including the answer: 313

This blog will amount to approximately one page of my book. And here I am blathering away telling you all that I need to achieve at least 970 words per day. I met my goal today, which is great. I don’t like giving myself a deadline, but perhaps that’s the motivation I need to finish my book in time.

But apparently a monster has just come out of my daughter’s bedroom which I must tend to.


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