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Back Down to Formula

June 20, 2011
Molecule de saccharose

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As a writer, the things you don’t want to hear are most often the best things to hear, especially when it comes from my biggest fan and biggest critic. While my wife and I were driving out to a great night of dinner in the Lounge, blues, and a new card game, the subject of Jac and the City of 1,000 Worlds came up and we began talking about it. After me carrying on for about a minute, she said,

“That sounds really convoluted. I was confused and bored after 10 seconds.”


I love my wife because she’s direct and to the point, even if it drives me nuts. But in our conversation, I began to see what I’ve written in a completely different light and, as such, discovered that Jac was way off base. Fortunately my wife saw through all the mess and get to the point, usually within 10 words or less. She had to spend 12 words this time, which falls under the category of “I’m telling you two things you need to correct at the same time”. In that case, she gets an average of 5 words per problem. Now that’s economy.

So, looking back at what I’ve written I’ve come to find I chose a completely different path for Jac and Sol that I probably shouldn’t have. Even though my wife probably wasn’t [read: she was] aware of it, but I realized right then that I would need to look back on the last 80 pages or so of Jac and choose another—and correct—path for our heroine. And so, as any good scientist needs to do on many occasion, I need to break my novel down and look to bringing it back on track and moving it down the correct path. The funny part  (to me) was that it all culminated in a scratch of a drawing which pulled it all together for me.

With that, I must say once again:

Thank you, honey. I love you.

Side note: my wife also knows what the picture is.  How friggin’ awesome is that?

  1. Friggin’ awesome, that’s how. :))

  2. It always takes other eyes to write perfectly! Best of luck restructuring your work.

    My writing blog:

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