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Discovering eFiction (via Hawleyville)

June 13, 2011

Found this very nice and generous post regarding the June 2011 issue of eFiction. Think this is the first time I’ve seen my name on someone else’s blog (at least in a nice way), so that was exciting to see.

Cheers to Pam for the kind words.

I have been devouring the first book George R. R. Martin’s Game of Throne series like a girl with PMS attacks a box of chocolates. Since there are three more books to go, this venture has turned my summer reading list upside down. I blame it on HBO and their addictive television series, but I’m sure not complaining. When last weekend rolled around, I had read up to about where the TV series had taken me the week before, and found myself in a quan … Read More

via Hawleyville


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  1. Clapping for you as we speak.


  2. good call to ping Hawleyville….she’s great! Stasey, I also love the fact you’re a bacon kinda guy….big respect for the bacon lover in all of us men!


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