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Parrot Walk and Spider Assassin – Denoument

June 1, 2011

So, making our way home from dinner the other night (we chose fries for our side), we once again saw a parrot. Not the parrot from earlier (see Parrot Walk and Spider Assassin – Pt. 1) but a different parrot. But this time the parrot was sitting on the finger of a different woman–different than the one I saw earlier with the other parrot–while she sat at a bus stop bench. There was a man on the bench as well—uncertain which party he belonged to: whether he was solo or with the woman or with the parrot or all together—and the three of them seemed to be enjoying one another. I was unaware he hometown was such a bustle of exotic avians.

This morning while driving to work, I peered into my rear view mirror to see if all was clear of the enemy.

And there they were. They had returned. In smaller numbers, but they resume their spot within the back corner of the rear windshield. Taunting and teasing me, they yet again challenged me to battle. Being as I was on my way to work, I could only nod at them and say, “well played”.

Then I smiled, for once I returned home after a long day’s work, we did battle once more with my vacuum and crevice attachment and Tiger Claw (“The Claw!” as Jim Carrey would say): a more devastating tool than the simple crevice. The Tiger Claw was the final solution to the spider infestation once-and-for-all. They fell and I reign supreme.

For now.


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