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I’m All “Like”

May 24, 2011

It’s interesting to me how the little things while, not nearly as important as the big things, touch another part of your life that has significance.

I received my first ‘like’.  It was for my post Something Old, Something New and it floored me. I’ve seen my sites hit a nice steady level as of late—not huge numbers mind you, but they’re numbers nonetheless—and it amazes me to see people going to my site and following along. While I really have no idea who visits on purpose or on accident (no such thing as bad press) , I received my first example of someone I truly don’t know acknowledging my work.

A person in the great England-esque part of the world found my blog, read an entry, and then hit the ‘like’ button.

That’s all. Nothing more. Just…Like.

Now people ‘Like’ my Facebook posts from time to time, but—please no offense—there’s something different with getting acknowledged for yourwork words from people inside your social network versus outside of it.

Pretty friggin stoked.


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One Comment
  1. 🙂 (to go with the ‘like’)
    C-C xx

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