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October 11, 2010
Me: Know what would be great?
Friend: A sandwich.
Me: Well, yeah. Know what else would be great?
Friend: A sandwich magically appearing on my desk right now.
Me: Even better. BUT, another great thing would be a blogging site that just focused on writing: no soap-blogging and whining woe-is-me crap about how hard the dramatic creative process is.
Friend: people wanting to be writers is very large.
Me: Well, then you split it out. Have a section for sci-fi, another for horror, literature, even lit criticism.
Friend: that’s a really good idea.
Me: Yeah. Like a blogging bookstore.
Friend: Have you poked around and seen what else is out there?
Me: uh… why would I do that?
I just hope it’s not crap.
EDIT: After looking at it for a little while… yeah it’s not so good.

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