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No time for love, Dr. Jones

October 8, 2010

Writing a novel is tough enough under the best circumstances and environments, or at least I would think so; I’ve never actually had the best circumstances nor environments to write in, unless, of course, how and where I’m currently writing IS the best, in which case this whole post is moot (or, as Joey would say, “moo”).

What was I writing about?

…writing. Right.

So, here I find myself writing a novel under one of the more challenging of places and times: while at work. While I’m working. Perhaps I’m removed from the realm of writing environments, but with those I’ve talked/written with some people and they all tend to give answers like, “I write in the [Clever Name] Café” or, “I create in my [Clever Name] sanctuary” or other things of that nature. It also seems the majority of people write from the comfort of their own home or at a library or school or abandoned sanitarium…

Not me. Nope. I write in my cubicle while talking on the phone with people who need my help while other people are sitting in nearby cubicles, all of them talking on the phone with people who need their help, one of whom talks far louder than the caller on my phone. Nothing like having to walk away from my desk so I can do my job. At least I get a little exercise, but I digress…

I write while on the phone and while I’m not. I shove in a sentence of a paragraph or even, when the stars are aligned properly, a page or more. I even pulled off the Neal Stephenson’s method of writing and actually wrote three pages while at work in one day. I’m not sure as to whether or not that’ll ever happen again, but that was a great day indeed.

So yes, here I sit, taking a break from writing Jac’s conversation with her father after he accidentally scared the bejeezus out of her—it was an accident, really—and felt compelled for some odd reason to blather on about my writing work environment. The down side to my environment is that I’ve only written about 40 pages or so over the last 4-ish months, but that’s 40 more pages than nothing, so I’m definitely not going to complain about that.

And, on occasion, I am able to write at home. Having two kids takes precedence over my writing, always. After work I have three hours with my children and only 2 hours alone with my wife once the kids go to sleep. A time may arise wherein everyone turns in early or are away so then I have some time to write, but that’s rare, which is fine by me. Without my family, my writing would be as empty and as lifeless as my world would be. Don’t get me wrong: writing and creativity and imagination is very much a part of me and my family. But there is more to writing than writing…

…there’s the next call waiting for me.


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