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October 5, 2010

Now I, like so many promising and hopeful writers-to-be and writers-that-are—these damned self-imposed titles are just as varied as the outlook of the literary craft itself—all have thoughts and words on the struggles and hopes and fears about what they do or want to do or woulda/coulda/shoulda or so on or so on. Now, while I respect the thoughts and feelings or everyone, and especially when they decide to express them as a voice for others to hear, I find myself in a position of smugness where I just want to say, “Enough. I get it. You’re full of your inner voice and that you are ‘compelled to get it out!’.”

Geez. That makes me sound like quite the jerk, doesn’t it?

In my defense, I was chatting with a friend of mine earlier today—no, he’s not a scapegoat’…not yet anyway—and we both seemed to come across the same conclusion. There are two types of writers and these types are found in concentrated form on social networking sites like WordPress and Open Salon. Sadly, one of the two is far more prevalent than the other.

One group of writers, the smaller percentage of writers found online, are Writers. They write TO their audience but FOR themselves. They write because they have something to say, whether it be internally or externally. They write with a passion and desire. And many of them even write FOR themselves and not even FOR an audience. I like to think I’m a bit of a hybrid or in-betweener. I write FOR myself and TO my audience, and yet I am my principle audience. I just hope there’s someone else out there that likes what I like. I’d like to think there is.

I found the following quote from Adriel and a brilliant post she wrote last year:

“Beyond the boundaries of what is real and what is a lie, is a big green field. A place we sometimes go to to write, to sing, to dance, to draw, to play music. A place of hope. In which we are able to express ourselves in ways unique to ourselves, true expression breeds truth, and everyone needs a little bit of truth in their life, something to hold on to.”

Awesome. Read the whole post when you can. She has a great voice and hopefully I will be able to read more of it (she’s gone quiet as of August 4, 2010).

So, these are the true writers, creators of the craft. Storytellers, manipulating magic while they are fed by the magic, to fuel their passion and create a tapestry of wonderment and imagination.

The Weavers.


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